In order to make easier your arrangements for EPICS VI and help you enjoy your stay in Seville as much as possible, we have prepared the following selection of hotels where you can find accommodation during the conference. All these hotels are located in different areas of the city and some of them offer a special rate for participants and contributors to EPICS. Those are marked with an exclamation mark (!).

Each participant/contributor must make their reservation. Furthermore, when contacting hotels offering a special rate, you should indicate that you are participating at EPICS VI in order to obtain the special rate. We recommend booking in advance since EPICS VI takes place during Seville’s high season, right after April Fair, a major festival.


Address: 3, Puerta de Jerez (view in Google Maps)

Tel:(34) 954 217 976

Single Room: 50-65€ (depending on availability)
Double Room (for individual use): 50-65€ (depending on availability)
Double Room/Twin Room: 50-65€ (depending on availability)

Alminar ***

Address: 52, Álvarez Quintero St. (view in Google Maps)

Tel: (34) 954 293 913

Single Room: 125€ (Sunday 11th night – Extra-season Seville Fair fee), 95€ other nights (10% discount for conference participants)
Double Room (for individual use): To be announced
Double Room/Twin Room: To be announced


Address: 11, de la Borbolla Avenue (view in Google Maps)

Tel: (34) 954 41 55 11 Fax: (34) 954 42 07 27

Single Room: 63€
Double Room (for individual use): 76€
Double Room/Twin Room: 76€


Address:90, Pagés del Corro St. (view in Google Maps)

Tel:(34) 954 34 74 34

Single Room: -
Double Room (for individual use): 92€
Double Room/Twin Room: 100€


Address: 1, Dr. Pedro de Castro St. Seville 41004 (view in Google Maps)

Tel:(34) 95 4421511 | Fax: (34) 95 4421608

Single Room: -
Double Room (for individual use): 95€
Double Room/Twin Room: 105€


Address: 19, Don Remondo St. (view in Google Maps)

Tel:(34) 954 22 49 90

Single Room: 12th & 13th May: 121€ per night; 14th May: 143€
Double Room (for individual use): -
Double Room/Twin Room: 12th & 13th May: 132€; 14th May: 154€ 
  • Close to underground station and conference venue.
  • Typical Sevilian style.
  • Relaxing atmosphere. Great views of the city.
  • website