María de la O Hernández López

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María de la O Hernández López, Lecturer at the Department of Philology and Translation, Pablo de Olavide University. She holds a PhD in English English Linguistics (Cross-Cultural Pragmatics) from Pablo de Olavide University and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Birkbeck College (London). She has worked at Greenwich University (London, UK), European Business School (London), Huelva University (Huelva, Spain) and Pablo de Olavide University. Her research interests revolve around cross-cultural and intercultural communication in service encounters, (im)politeness, negotiation and interpersonal communication. She is now involved in a research project on hotel interaction and interpersonal management and is developing an individual project on politeness1 and patients’ perceptions of doctors’ interpersonal skills in Britain and Spain. She is also currently co-editing a book on service encounters and cross-cultural communication.